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3600 t heavy bamboo cold press

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put in to cool press machine for make strand woven bamboo

Technical Parameters:

Nominal pressure: 36000KN

Main pressure cylinder: 9 pieces of ZSG380*900mm

Return cylinder: HSG125*900mm 4 pcs

Maximum working oil pressure: 25MPa

Equipment power: 86.5KW

Thickness of frame board: 60mm

Press size: 5330*2400*7220mm

Press weight: 94.25T

Features of this machine: 

1. The design feature is one machine for multiple purposes, which can produce heavy bamboo square materials of different specifications.

2. The lower mold body is made of special materials, which are compressive and wear-resistant.

3. The hydraulic system and electrical appliances are the most advanced, with high output.


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