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Bamboo Flooring Machine Supplier - Choose the Right Type For Your Application

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The information you find at this page is the bamboo flooring machine one stop source for both the best prices and high quality from different sewing machine manufacturers and suppliers. Whether you are a novice or an experienced, beginner or expert, we have just what you need. For Bamboo Flooring Machine Shopping, we highly suggest you visit our site. If you already have a hard time locating a suitable supplier, post your FREE Buying Leads now! You will be amazed at the quantity of high-quality bamboo flooring machine brands and suppliers that you will find on this site. These include Aikido, Bosch, Clients, Chanel, Emerson, Fisher & Paykel, Heil, Janko, Knoll, Mecano, Morphy Richards, Okuma, Peg, Poulan, Sharp, Unite, Waring and more.

Need a bamboo flooring machine? We have the right selection and features for you! The three main types of machines are the press machine, the rotary cutter, and the hot press machine. Let's take a look at each type and see the benefits of each one.

Press machine - This is the basic model you would find in a most of the bamboo flooring machine suppliers. This machine has an arrangement of spindles and nozzles. A heavy duty dial is used to control the cutting length. Spindle units can be set to 0.001", half inch, or full inches. The number of strands woven onto the pattern is variable from one to four, depending on the size of the pattern.

Rotary cutter - The rotary cutter is one of the oldest models of this type of machine. It is also known as the scroll cutter or the scroll saw. It is set up in much the same way as the press. A heavy duty blade and a table to place the finished product on are required.

Hot press machine - The hot press bamboo flooring machine uses a bamboo spinning wheel to create the pattern. It can cut strands of bamboo in any desired width and height. Some suppliers offer both the rotary and the hot press models.

If you are looking for a bamboo flooring press machine but can't seem to decide which one to get, you can browse our website for more information. Our website has information on all types of bamboo presses, including hot press bamboo flooring press machine. This may help to narrow your choice.


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