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Multilayer bamboo floor press

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in to hot press for make bamboo board

Product description:

The mechanical equipment is a three-way hot press, divided into single layer and multi-layer, specially used for pressing bamboo flooring and bamboo cutting boards. The single laminator is filled with a high-position fuel tank, and the closing speed is fast. The electrical system is controlled by PLC programmable controller, which is flexible in operation and reliable in operation.

Technical Parameters:

Nominal pressure: 7500KN

Frame size (length * width * height): 2300*2940*3545mm

Hot pressing plate format: 2700*1400/52mm

Rack weight: 10.5T

Number of pressing layers: 4 layers

Frame board thickness: 30mm

Press plate spacing: 140mm

The height of the upper and lower beams of the frame board: 800mm

Side pressure: 1500kn

Width of frame plate column: 450mm

Side pressure stroke: 140mm

Main pressure cylinder: ZSG250*560mm six

Side pressure cylinder: ten HSG125*140mm

Maximum working pressure: 25mp

Equipment power: 17KW


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