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TU-ZCZP fluffer machine

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after splitting use the big flatten fluffer machine for big size bamboo

Product usage description:

The bamboo flattening rough milling and wire pressing machine is mainly suitable for the raw material processing of heavy bamboo and bamboo plywood products. The product is to spread the arc-shaped bamboo tube from the center to the two sides by the bamboo through the flattening knife on the equipment until the bamboo tube is spread and pressed into a completely flat bamboo sheet. The processing of the bitter yellow is automatically adjusted by the thickness of the bamboo itself, regardless of the thickness of the bamboo, the yellow surface can maintain the same cutting amount and flatness. The green surface processing uses multiple sets of milling cutters to remove the green bamboo on the bamboo slices, and the amount of green removal can be adjusted at will according to the product requirements. The equipment is composed of multiple sets of coarse and fine combing wheels, which combs the bamboo chips into finer meshes, which is convenient for glue bonding, and greatly improves the yield rate and the quality of bamboo blanks.

Technical Parameters:

Feeding speed: 45m/min

Knife shaft speed: 4200r/min

Milling cutter specifications: 90×240mm

Number of knives: 4 groups

Processing thickness: 3-20mm

Processing width: 50-240mm

Processing output: processing 1 ton of fresh slices per hour

Output rate: 75-82% (fresh slices)

Total motor power: 53KW

Machine size: 5640*1500*1460mm

Weight: 7800kg

Note: You can bring your own. Each device needs to be equipped with two Φ100mm dust suction pipes and one bamboo chip conveyor belt.


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