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Arulepsa - A Bamboo Machine For All Kinds of Woodworking Projects

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A bamboo machine is a tool for processing bamboo wood. This versatile woodworking machine has a variety of functions that makes it an ideal tool for all kinds of woodworking projects. This machine includes several components, including a Four Side Planer, Sanding Machine, Finger Jointing Machine, Double End Cutting and Shaping Machine, Stick Sizing Machinery, and more. A simple prototype of the Arulepsa has been developed and tested by Imli Toshi, an enterprising person in India. It enables the user to remove the outer knots, smoothen the surface of bamboo, and complete the final surface finishing job.

The novel machines have incorporated several improvements and are breaking ground in bamboo utility, design, elegance, and social relevance. They have also been endorsed by the Arkong Ward manager in Mokochung, Nagaland, where they are a part of an effort to help the local community develop the area. For more information, call Imli Toshi Namo at 094360-16086 or 98564-47441. They will be more than happy to answer your questions about the bamboo machine.

The machine also has a hydraulic splitter that helps in splitting the bamboo into required sizes. It is capable of splitting bamboo up to eight inches in diameter and 0.2 metres in length. It uses a two-stage planer unit and features parallel and radial grills. For board making plants, special grills can be used, which split the bamboo into nearly parallel edges. The machine also features zero-centre grills, which can split solid bamboo.


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