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Bamboo Incense Stick Machine

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The bamboo incense stick machine can coat bamboo sticks with incense powder in a convenient and simple way. Simply place the bamboo sticks into the inlet and the machine will automatically squeeze the powder forward. As the bamboo sticks move forward, the incense powder will evenly coat the sticks. When the sticks reach the device's finish, the incense sticks will naturally eject with inertia and fall on the device. The machine uses imported original parts and a high-speed part-entry motor to ensure that it can produce 400 pieces per minute.

Bamboo sticks are one of the most popular types of incense. The bamboo sticks are traditionally made with charcoal, resins, herbs, and sandalwood powder. Bamboo sticks are also used for other purposes such as meditation. They have a meditative effect and are used to invoke a spiritual state of mind.

There are several types of bamboo incense stick machines on the market. There are professional and eco-friendly bamboo stick machines. There are also models with touch screens. There are also bamboo auto splitter machines and bamboo round stick machines. These are all available for purchase online. The best way to choose a bamboo incense stick machine is to compare the price of several models and find the right one for your needs.

Bamboo incense stick machines are used to produce bamboo incense sticks using bamboo material. They come with several accessories. These machines include a saw, splitter, and blade sharpener. The bamboo splitting machine splits the raw bamboo into the required size. The width of the bamboo sticks can be adjusted from 0.5 mm to four millimeters.

One of these machines features a bamboo branch feedway. This is intended to replace manpower in the manufacturing of joss sticks. The second plunger case is fixed on the first plate, while the third plunger case has a piston rod at the front end. The rear roller group is fitted with a stop block.


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