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Bamboo Slicer Machine Three Stroke

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Various operations are performed on bamboo in different stages of the processing cycle. For example, bamboo slicing involves separating bamboo into thin bamboo strips for use in the next phase of the production process. Consequently, the bamboo slicer machine is a must-have for the production line of bamboo toothpicks. However, the quality of the product may suffer due to the differences in thickness of the bamboo strips. Therefore, the present invention was conceived to provide a bamboo wood processing system that enhances the productivity of bamboo by optimizing the use of bamboo in the process.

The bamboo slicer machine, for example, includes a set of blades that spit out several slices from a single bamboo block. However, the process of cutting bamboo into strips is not easy and requires a lot of labor strength. Furthermore, the resultant products may be of varying quality, thereby increasing production costs. Therefore, the present invention aims at improving the overall production efficiency by automating the bamboo cutting process. It also enables bamboo to be cut into the desired shape. The Bamboo Slicer Machine Three Stroke, as the name suggests, is a three-stroke device that requires 1 HP at 1440 RPM to operate.

The first stroke is a relatively simple process that involves placing a bamboo block in a horizontal direction between a cutting blade and a pushing plate. Then, a push rod is used to push the bamboo through the slicing machine. The machine also provides a dust suction chamber that draws dust from the process. The dust suction device has several features, including an opening passage to guide the bamboo and a negative pressure generating device to create a vacuum.

The second stroke is a much more complicated process that involves the simultaneous placement of two thin bamboo strips in a single bamboo block. The machine also incorporates a rotary cutting device to cut the bamboo into uniform thickness sheets. It also incorporates a guide rail and a reduction motor. These elements are controlled by a single stage gear box that allows speed reduction to the desired level. The Bamboo Slicer Machine Three Stroke is a very useful and cost effective solution to the problem of separating bamboo into strips.

The bamboo cutting machine also has an automatic feeding device that advances along a U-shaped guide rail. The feeding device also has a slot to hold the bamboo in place. The machine also incorporates a dust suction device that is arranged above the opening passage to guide the bamboo. The present invention is a cost-effective solution that is not only easy to maintain but also increases the production efficiency of bamboo.

The bamboo processing system in general and the Bamboo Slicer Machine in particular have a number of shortcomings. The bamboo slicer machine is not suitable for continuous production and the number of operations it can perform is limited. However, the present invention can significantly improve the production efficiency of thin bamboo strips, thus enhancing the quality of the final product.


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