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Bamboo Sticks Machines

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Generally speaking, bamboo sticks machine is a kind of machine that has the function of cutting strips of bamboo, slicing them, and making them into sticks of various shapes. It is widely used in the production of incense sticks, bbq sticks, and toothpicks. Bamboo sticks machine is characterized by its high production efficiency, low power consumption, and user-friendly design.

The machine includes a main frame, a reciprocating plate, a slicing blade, a pair of cutter rollers, and a spacer frame. The slicing blade and the reciprocating plate are used to cut bamboo strips into sticks of various sizes. The spacer frame is positioned between the cutter rollers. The reciprocating plate is connected to the driving motor, a vertical shaft, and an eccentric wheel/crank.

In the bamboo sticks machine, the main frame has a front frame and a rear frame. The main frame is movable and it may be fitted with stick making means on both the front and the back side of the main frame. The reciprocating plate is provided with a slot for a slicing blade. The reciprocating plate is connected to the vertical shaft and the crank, and it reciprocates with the reciprocating movement means.

The machine also includes an air hose, a nozzle, an air suction motor, and an air tap. The air hose connects to the air suction motor, and the nozzle communicates with the air hose. The air suction motor connects to the air tap, and it communicates with the air hose. The bottom end of the third plunger case is connected with the air tap, and it connects to the air suction motor. The second horizontal plunger case is arranged on the top end of the upright post. It has a plunger case action, and the third vertical plunger case is connected to the air tap.

The machine is also provided with a fixed width slicer, which is used to set the width and thickness of the strips. The fixed width slicer ensures the surface quality of the processed material. The fixed width slicer is also used to remove knots. The machine can be operated automatically, and it has a speed of 1440 RPM. It can produce 80-85 KG of sticks in eight hours.

In addition to the above mentioned equipment, the bamboo sticks machine also includes a bamboo stick conveying device, which is positioned on one side of the machine. The machine is designed to produce 130-160 sticks per minute. It is a very durable machine. It is used to produce high quality incense sticks. It can be operated by three to five operators. The machine is equipped with industrial voltage 380V. It can produce 1.2 to 5 mm diameter sticks. It requires electric power from 6 to 12 hp. It is durable, and it is easy to install.

The machine is also used to manufacture other articles, such as bbq sticks, toothpicks, and other disposable items. It is a versatile machine, and it is a lifelong investment.


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