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Bamboo Sticks Making Machine

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This invention provides a machine for the production of incense sticks, bamboo strips, and other articles. The main frame of this invention comprises a main body and the sticks making means, including a reciprocating plate, a strip guiding and feeding plate, a slicing blade, and a supporting and feeding channel for the bamboo pieces. The slicing blade cuts the strips into sticks. The slicing blade can cut strips into small-sized pieces.

The main frame of the machine houses the sticks-making means. The slicing blade is used to cut the strips into sticks. The main body of the machine is also equipped with a strip-guiding and feeding plate. The slicing blade cuts the bamboo strips into sticks, and the bamboo pieces are conveyed to the sticks-making means. The slitting blade is also present in this machine. The process of slicing the strips involves three steps: preparing the raw materials, preparing the strips, and making the finished products.

Agarbatti-making machines can be fully automatic or semi-automatic. They can be semi-automatic or manual and produce between 100 and 120 kilo per hour. These machines have water circulation systems and can produce either square or round sticks. These machines come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for industrial use. The machine can also be customized to make different shapes of agarbatti, such as toothpicks. The machine may also be computerized to ensure quality.

The machine is equipped with an oscillating vertical lever and a rotating shaft with an eccentric wheel. It is fitted with an opening near the slicing blade. The connecting rod and the crank are connected to each other and operate the bamboo sticks making machine. The output is round, with a maximum size of seven to sixteen inches. It can produce a batch of 30 to 35 kilo of agarbatti in about eight to ten hours.

Another type of incense stick making machine is the Computerized Software Incense Stick Making Machine. The machine can produce incense sticks of 2.6 to 10 mm thick. The bamboo sticks are then dried and sorted to create different types of agarbatti, including incense sticks and dhoop. The resulting product is a mixture of smudge and smoke. This is an efficient way to make incense.

The automatic bamboo strip and incense stick making machine is an electrically-operated machine that slices bamboo pieces into thin strips. Its electric motors help it to cut bamboo sheets at a speed of 60 to 80 meters per hour. The strips are then separated into the same width and thickness. Then, the automatic machine is designed to shave the outer skin of the bamboo sheet, and removes the inner joint.


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