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Bamboo Sticks Making Machines

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A bamboo sticks making machine is a machine that is used to make bamboo sticks. The machine consists of several components, including a main frame, feeding channel, and a slicing blade. The slicing blade cuts the bamboo into strips, which are then guided through the cutting machine to be turned into sticks. This machine can make sticks of any length, thickness, or shape.

A bamboo sticks making machine is equipped with a slicing blade 11 and a reciprocating plate. The slicing blade is fitted into the slot 10 of the reciprocating plate. A pair of cutter rollers 15 and a spacer frame 16 is positioned between the slicing blade to cut the bamboo strips into sticks. The spacer frame may be mounted on the front or back side of the main frame.

A bamboo sticks making machine comprises a main frame and a feeding and supporting channel. A slicing blade on the reciprocating plate cuts the bamboo pieces into strips. A guiding plate and feeding channel guide the strips, thereby enabling them to be cut into the desired shape. The main frame also features a knife that can be used for chopping and shaping the bamboo sticks.

Bamboo sticks making machines are useful for a variety of applications, including making incense sticks. They are also used to produce other articles. They are a cost-effective alternative to hand-made incense sticks. The main object of the present invention is to overcome the disadvantages of the prior art and to provide an efficient, user-friendly, and high-production method for making bamboo sticks.

A bamboo sticks making machine can produce fragrant bamboo branches automatically, or manually. It has a flexible shaft for cutting dry bamboo stems into small sections. This machine is also useful for producing toothpicks. The sticks are cleaned and dried after cutting. In addition, they are easily adjusted manually. Once they are cut, they are ready for polishing.

A bamboo sticks manufacturing machine can also be used to make joss sticks. Its feedway is designed to replace manpower. It also has a rear roller group. It can be used to make joss sticks and bamboo branches. It is an efficient alternative to traditional bamboo sticks manufacturing methods. This machine can save manpower and money.

A bamboo sticks making machine can produce up to thirty kilograms of incense sticks within eight to ten hours. The bamboo sticks made by these machines are durable, burn well for 8 hours, and can be used for a variety of other products. Bamboo sticks can also be stored for up to a year, which is ideal if you are making a large quantity of sticks.


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