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Carbonization furnace: put in to carbide furnace for carbonize (remove sugar and sterilization)

Technical Parameters:

Container category: I

Medium density kg/m³:/

Working pressure Mpa: 0.4

Material of main pressure components: S30408, S30408II, 20II

Design pressure Mpa: 0.5

Corrosion margin mm: 0

Maximum allowable working pressure Mpa:/

Welding joint coefficient: A type 0.85

Working temperature ℃: 151

Welding joint coefficient: 0.85 for class B

Design temperature °C: 158

Full volume m³: 11.6

Medium: saturated steam

Filling factor:/

Medium characteristics and grouping: the second group (five poisons, non-explosive)

Safety valve opening pressure Mpa: 0.45

Hydraulic test pressure Mpa: 0.63

Carbonization furnace description:

1. The main material of the carbonization furnace is 304 stainless steel, the diameter is 1.2m, and the straight section of the cylinder is 6m;

2. The straight section of the cylinder is 6m long, and the trolley length is 1.9m-2.5m. Generally, 2-3 trolleys can be placed in a carbonization furnace;

3. The track outsourcing distance in the carbonization furnace is 65cm, and the track is 40cm on the ground;

4. List of spare parts for carbonization furnace: 2 intake valves, 2 pressure gauges, 2 safety valves, 2 thermometers, and 5 sealing rings;

5. Carbonization furnace installation diagram (see attachment)

6. Overall dimensions (length * width * height): 6711*2300*1800mm

7. Weight: 2500kg


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