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Features of a Bamboo Splitter Machine

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A Bamboo Splitter Machine is a piece of equipment that uses mechanical power to split bamboo. It uses splitter grills to split bamboos into the desired number of pieces. These machines can be customized to have different number of blades depending on the desired size of the end product. Besides, they are available at affordable rates.

Each Bamboo Splitter Machine features a rack, cutterhead, and blades. The blades are mounted on the cutting head that faces a locating sleeve. Behind the locating sleeve is a bearing box with conveying rollers. The rollers are driven by a motor.

The bamboo-splitting machine features an intelligent system that detects the diameter of the bamboo and automatically selects a tool to split it. The bamboo then arrives at a tray and is automatically pushed into the tool by a charging manipulator. The machine is also equipped with a tool changer that automatically changes tools according to the diameter of the materials.


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