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Features of a Bamboo Toothpick Machine

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The process of making a bamboo toothpick is relatively simple. The whole process starts with cutting the bamboo, followed by bleaching and drying. After that, the toothpicks are lengthened, sorted, and finally packaged and stored. This machine requires an average of five to seven mechanical workers and 380V industrial electricity. You can expect to produce up to 3 million toothpicks an hour with a bamboo toothpick machine. And if you are able to find a bamboo toothpick machine, your business will be booming!

One machine can produce 1,200,000 PCS per 8 hours. It is three phase and works with 380V 50Hz electricity. You can purchase a machine with single or double pointed teethpicks. The machine also has an option to sharpen knives, scissors, and other cutlery. In addition, you can also purchase accessories to customize your bamboo toothpicks and make them in different sizes. If you're interested in purchasing this machine, make sure to read the following information to find out more about its features.

A bamboo toothpick machine includes an automatic size setting and sizing machine. The machine can be adjustable to any size, making it flexible to fit your production needs. The machine also polishes bamboo toothpicks. It is compatible with most brands of wooden toothpicks, too. It takes about five minutes to polish one hundred toothpicks. Bamboo toothpicks are also perfect for making barbecue signs and incense sticks. They also make for great party favors and wedding gifts.

Aside from the size, another important factor is the alignment of the upper and lower cutting cutters. You should ensure that the inner guide boards of the feed mouth and material position limitation are parallel to each other. If you want to adjust the height, you can use a wallboard as a benchmark plane. The extension line of the guide board of the side material position limitation should be 1.5 mm away from the groove side of the rolling cutter.


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