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The Benefits of a Bamboo Borad Making Machine

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The bamboo borad making machine is a device used to make a hollow bamboo product. This machine has two parts - the cutting device and the receiving table. The cutting device is a cylinder-shaped device with blades mounted on them. The blades are adapted to enter the hollow bores of bamboo trunks, which vary in diameter. The blades are attached to a coiled spring that forces the blades apart. Air under pressure is then forced out of the bamboo through a stop plate.

The MBHB-4 machine is used for cutting and planning the bamboo strips. This is done after they are dried. The strips are then bent by the machine. Then, they are ready for decorating. This machine allows you to create different types of bamboo products. This machine is easy to use and has many benefits.

After the bamboo logs have been cleaned and dried, the machine works on two stages to create the finished product. The first step is the peeling step. After peeling, the bamboo trunks are dried. Then, the pressure roller is raised. This removes the outer layer of the log. The second step is to insert the next log.

The pressure roller 208 has a pair of journal members positioned parallel to the hanger rod 168. The pressure roller bites into the bamboo trunk. The hanger rod is moved up and down by the pressure roller. This process can continue until all the bamboo trunks are processed. The pressure rollers are supported by protective housings 222.

Using a bamboo borad making machine is an easy and convenient way to make bamboo veneer. With this machine, you can produce the material with a uniform thickness and a pleasing appearance. Bamboo veneers can then be used to create bamboo plywood and other bamboo products. The process is quick and requires minimal maintenance.

The project implementing partners have trained the community members in value-added products. They have collaborated with academics and technical experts to create a sustainable manufacturing process. In addition, they have improved product design to meet market demands. They have also been provided with equipment and tools required for the process. It is also important to note that the product meets a high standard of certification.


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