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The Benefits of a Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine

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A bamboo toothpick making machine is a machine that produces these tiny spools of fungus-resistant natural fibers. It starts with the cutting and bleaching of the bamboo, then the drying and lengthening process, before being neatly packaged and stored. Typically, the bamboo toothpick making machine needs between five and seven mechanical workers, as well as 380V industrial electricity. The capacity of the machine is up to three million toothpicks per hour, and the production rate can increase by as much as 50%.

A bamboo toothpick making machine consists of a complete set of processing machines for the production of these wooden utensils. It has all the components required to create a high-quality product. The process starts with cutting the dry bamboo stems into short sections. This bamboo toothpick making machine has a sawing blade that cuts the sticks into short lengths. A separate machine sharpens the blades for making toothpicks.

This bamboo toothpick making machine can produce a variety of different types of toothpicks. The wood toothpicks are typically two millimeters in diameter. Depending on the length, a wooden toothpick can have a diameter of 2.2mm or more. The machine also includes knife sharpeners and a finisher to tidy irregular toothpicks. The machine can be configured to sharpen both ends or just one.


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