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Tips For Buying A Bamboo Sticks Machine

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A bamboo sticks machine is a must have for anyone who grows their own herbs or crafts. They are inexpensive and can be used over again. If you want to make potpourri but do not want to buy fresh herbs each time you make them, you can just purchase a bamboo sticks machine to store the herbs in and then just take the bamboo sticks out when you are finished with them. When you use this machine to make potpourri, you will notice a big difference in the smell. It has a distinct earthy scent.

Use a clean piece of clean wax paper on an even surface and gently roll the mixture to small sticks with your fingers. You will also want to purchase blank bamboo sticks which have no extras and simply roll your mixture over the sticks. Allow your strips or sticks to dry a few weeks - month before you use them in your home. After they have dried thoroughly, you can stick them into your favorite vase or pot to create delightful, natural smelling home fragrances.

If you are interested in creating more than simply potpourri for the home, you might want to consider other projects. There are many bamboo sticks projects which would be perfect for kids, from bamboo origami to making bamboo sailboats. The bamboo sticks themselves are very easy to work with and craft with. However, there are a variety of tools which can help you to make a variety of projects easier and more fun. Some of the tools you may already have at home include a small wooden or metal spoon, a small wood cutting board, a large wood cutting board, a pair of wooden spoons, a wooden or metal nut puller, and pliers.

In order to purchase a bamboo sticks machine, you will first need to find one that is suitable for the type of bamboo you have. Different types of bamboo have different properties and grow in different quantities. Some varieties of bamboo sticks are more hardy than others and will not break or bend easily. You should test all of your bamboo sticks before you purchase the machine. Many manufacturers of bamboo sticks machines will provide a test or two for customers to use before making a purchase.

After purchasing your bamboo sticks machine, you will need to get some bamboo skewers or chopsticks. These items can be found in most craft and food stores. Be sure that you have a large enough supply of bamboo sticks to accommodate your projected project. Once you have the basic tools, you can begin to make any number of projects using your bamboo sticks.

While buying your machine and supplies, you should consider the cost as well as the quality. It's important to get a product that will last and that will give you high quality results. Remember, when buying bamboo sticks, you should try to get the ones that are most durable, as well as long lasting. Because bamboo sticks are quite valuable, it is important to invest in a product that will not be easily broken or damaged, while at the same time give you a wide range of projects to complete.


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