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Tips On How To Select A Bamboo Flooring Machine

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The main purpose of using a bamboo flooring making machine is to speed up the production of your bamboo floor project. These machines are very useful as they can be adjusted to get different settings that will suit the individual client. It is a good idea when using this machine that you have someone who can watch over the equipment. This is because the person operating this machine is very powerful and can cause damage to the floor if the setting is not right.

The typical size of a bamboo flooring making machine is smaller than the standard ones. There are also some models that are equipped with a large capacity for cutting boards. The usual settings that these machines can be used in include, one piece, two pieces, three pieces, four pieces or more boards. The number of boards that you need to cut will determine the setting that the machine can be used in. Setting the settings correctly will allow the machine to make the proper amount of cuts for your project.

A very popular bamboo flooring machine that you can buy is a hot press machine. When using this kind of machine, it takes a shorter amount of time for the desired result. The machine will heat up the bamboo material that you wish to use. The heated boards will then be pushed through a die that has a small hole. Once the material passes through the hole, it will be trimmed to the required length.

Using a hot press machine for bamboo floors requires that you have at least one set of die. This allows the material to be fed into the die from both sides. Having at least one set also allows the individual to manually flip the boards to make sure that they are straight. Each set of dies has a certain temperature range that they work within. If the temperature is too low or too high, the results can be irregular.

There are two other options that you have when using a flooring planing machine. The first option is the full system with both a high speed and a low speed planing unit. This type of machine can take less time on a single job, but it will not produce as many pieces. The second option is a combination of high speed and low speed. It is important to consider what type of materials you want to produce before purchasing a machine.

The final thing to consider is the operating cost. Different machines will have different operating costs. A good example is the five-phase KW working voltage machine. The average machine will cost between thirty and forty dollars. The five-phase option will cost between eighty and ninety dollars.


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