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What Are the Features of a Bamboo Sticks Machine?

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A bamboo sticks machine is designed to produce joss sticks by using a cylinder with a second plunger case. It includes a second plunger body, rear roller group, and a flower wheel. This machine is meant to replace a human labor force. It also includes a feedway for bamboo branches. This article will discuss some features of this machine. Further, it will give you a better understanding of its working mechanism.

The bamboo sticks machine has a number of features that make it an efficient tool. It makes bamboo sticks round and square according to the size of the blade. It has a motor to reduce power consumption and human labor. It can produce 130-160 sticks per minute and can run for eight hours. It uses high quality spices and has flat feet to make it easy to handle. It can also produce a lot of smoke. The bamboo sticks machine is a great option for making your own bamboo incense.

Another feature of this machine is that it has a small footprint and can be operated easily by a small team. A bamboo stick machine can produce up to 800000 pieces per hour. It weighs around 100 kg and requires up to five or seven workers to operate. It works with industrial electricity at 380 volts and consumes about 12 kilowatts per hour. It can be used as a standalone machine or in combination with other machines to produce more than one kind of bamboo stick.

In addition, a bamboo stick machine can produce toothpicks. This machine can cut bamboo into various shapes and sizes. Among them, it can also produce mats and all kinds of BBQ sticks. It can even polish bamboo products with vibration friction. If you are considering purchasing a bamboo sticks machine, you might want to consider the following information:

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