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What is a Bamboo Charcoal Machine?

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Generally speaking, bamboo charcoal machine is a machine which produces combustible gas, carbon, bamboo tar and vinegar from bamboo. Bamboo is a gift from nature. It has a great value and has many uses. As a matter of fact, it is often used in the food industry, and has anti-bacteria properties. It can also be used in insect dispelling and softening aged keratin.

Bamboo charcoal machine is manufactured by Beston Group, one of the leading charcoal making machine manufacturers in China. The company adheres to the production concept of quality first, openness and sincerity. It has made great progress in bamboo charcoal machines in recent years. The company's exclusive technology patent of biochar equipment has improved resources utilization and strengthened carbonizing efficiency. It has also gained a great deal of acceptance from consumers all over the world.

The main biochar production unit is easy to operate and maintain. It is divided into five models based on the capacity. It can provide the best machine for you. You can contact the company to inquire about their products.

The first step of the bamboo charcoal production is to shred bamboo into smaller pieces. Bamboo has high porosity, which can enhance the soil vitality. The second step is to carbonize the bamboo. The process includes high temperature pyrolysis, smoke discharge, carbon collection and sulfur removal. It also recycles combustible gas and bamboo tar. This method can save energy and fuel investment costs. Bamboo can be easily obtained in Asia, and the production process is environmentally friendly.

Bamboo charcoal making furnace is a high temperature furnace which combines drying and carbonizing with the same heating system. The heat is generated by residual smoke in the pipeline. This process also reduces the water content of the bamboo. This process can achieve self-sufficiency of the drying system. It is important for safety. The cooling system can lower the temperature of the bamboo charcoal to 30 degrees. It reduces discharge accidents. The system can collect the bamboo charcoal for reuse.

It is a very efficient machine. It can produce 500 kg of charcoal per hour. It can also process sawdust, wood chips and other raw materials. The machine can be equipped with pre-treatment devices and dedusting system. It also adopts a closed air feeding system. It can increase the working efficiency, which leads to a higher product yield. The price of bamboo charcoal machine is also competitive.

When purchasing a bamboo charcoal machine, safety is a very important factor. A good charcoal machine has a smooth operation, a good working efficiency, and smooth operation is also a good safety guarantee. It also ensures the health of the workers. It also guarantees the long run of the charcoal making project.

The final step of bamboo charcoal production is to make bamboo vinegar. Bamboo vinegar has a wide range of uses. It can keep food fresh, prevent food from being eaten by moth, and keep food from being spoiled. It is also often used in anti-bacteria, insect dispelling, and softening aged keratin.


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