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What Is a Bamboo Sticks Making Machine?

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A bamboo sticks making machine is a machine that is used to make sticks from bamboo. It consists of a slicing blade and a rotating shaft with an eccentric wheel. It cuts bamboo strips into sticks. During the production process, the machine will produce round sticks. These machines can produce a batch of 30 to 35 kilograms in about eight to ten hours.

These machines are highly efficient and effective, as they produce high-quality incense sticks quickly and easily. These machines can produce between 80-85 grams of bamboo sticks per hour and are highly durable. They can also burn up to eight hours a day, and are easy to install. In addition, they use high-quality spices.

A bamboo sticks making machine includes a main frame, a support and feeding channel for bamboo pieces, and a cutting blade. The slicing blade cuts bamboo pieces into strips, which are then guided to the feeding plate and cut into sticks. The machine also provides a way for the strips to be fed into the cutting machine, so they can be made into sticks in any desired shape.

A bamboo sticks making machine can produce fragrant bamboo branch automatically or manually. Its flexible good shaft allows it to produce any type of material. This makes it possible to replace a large number of laborers with a single machine. The machine also makes it possible to cut bamboo branches to length, which is crucial for making joss sticks.

A bamboo sticks making machine can also be used to produce toothpicks. The machine can cut dry bamboo stems into short sections. After cutting, the bamboo sticks are then cleaned and dried. Then, different cutting devices are used to set the diameter. After this, they are then sawed to make them shorter. The process is easy, and the chopping device is easily adjustable.

The machine also has a conveying device for the bamboo sticks. This is located on one side of the machine. It includes a reciprocating plate and a strip guiding and feeding plate. The blade cuts the strips into sticks. The slicing blade can also cut the strips into smaller pieces.

The MBZS-5 Bamboo wool slicer can produce various types of bamboo sticks. These include bbq sticks of 2.5mm and round chopsticks with a diameter of three millimeters. The other machine features a longer blade and is capable of making different types of sticks. A bamboo sticks making machine can also make different shapes of sticks, including the long ones that are popular for barbecue.


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