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  • A bamboo incense stick machine produces a finished product from bamboo sticks. These sticks can be made into different shapes depending on their diameter. This machine is made from stainless steel and has a touch screen to adjust the settings. It can be used for making both round and oval sticks. On


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  • The process of making bamboo flooring begins by harvesting the grassy stalk of the bamboo plant and cutting it into long strips. These strips are then milled on the outer edges to create a flat strip. The strips are then boiled to remove moisture and starches, making them less attractive to termites


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  • While a bamboo auto making machine is a high-end tool, it won't break the bank. There are many different models to choose from, and they can cost hundreds of dollars, or less. Many people purchase these machines as hobbyists, while others use them as part of a business. Whatever your reasons are, th


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  • A bamboo BBq sticks machine is a highly versatile barbecue tool that makes bamboo toothpicks and BBQ sticks. A complete line of the machines can produce from 100 to 250kg of dry bamboo sticks per hour. The machine can also be used to produce incense sticks and toothpicks. Each machine can operate in


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