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coarse planer machine
bamboo cutting machine
bamboo plywood hot press machine
One layered fluffering machine
bamboo chopstick sharpening machine
bamboo chopsticks polishing machine
toothpick sharpening machine
nice rounds of five knife-drawing machine
bamboo stick sharpening machine
bamboo stick polishing machine
nice rounds of five knife-drawing machine
sticks cutting machine
TU-ZCZP fluffer machine
TU-ZCAP-2 fluffer machine
cool press machine
one layer planning spring fluffer machine


An Ji Xiao Feng Tian You bamboo machinery company located in the northwest of Zhangjiang Huzhou plain. Company has a history of 20 years


the registered capital is 5 million RMB.


Professional production of bamboo products processing machinery


4500 square modern standard plant


Possess multiple patents and utility model patents



Features Of The Tamco Industries Pamoo Chopstick Machine
One of the most useful kitchen gadgets nowadays is the bamboo chopstick machine. This simple and handy kitchen tool can help you make the most of your time in the kitchen by making use of a single hand. There are a few ways in which this simple to use kitchen appliance can be of great help.For start
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Bamboo Sticks Machine: Advantages and Uses
People who make crafts at home or in schools generally need bamboo sticks for making jewelry, crafts and paper. Making your own bamboo sticks is easy and cheap to do. All you need are small pieces of bamboo sticks that you can find in your local Asian or local hardware store. These sticks come in di
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How to Make a Bamboo Round Stick Making Machine Without Nodging
The bamboo round stick making machine is one of the easiest tools to make bamboo products with. It is especially useful for people who like to make things from scratch and do not have the time or patience to do it properly. Bamboo is quite easy to come by, but it takes a lot of hard work to make it
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